Continued Investment in 2020

And just like that we are about to enter the third month of the year… wasn’t it Christmas a moment ago?

We’ve had a very busy start to 2020, actually our busiest Jan & Feb to date, which is amazing.  Since our beginning, we have always used the beginning of the year to catch up on refreshing & adding to our inventory.  It’s always a great time to Clean/Sell/Buy equipment to keep it looking fresh for a full year of events!  We’ve slowly but surely been adding items to our website (there are still a lot more to come) so keep your eyes on our hire page over the coming weeks and months.  Most noticeably, you will see we have invested in the most amazing top quality bar.  We can now offer sections of the bar to any internal & external events.  Take a look at the photos – isn’t it cool?!  Why not add it to your event for a real wow factor….

As we move into finishing the first quarter of the year we are very excited for some sunshine & to finally get back outside & create some amazing events.  We have a calendar full of some outstanding bookings this year & we really can’t wait to start working on them!  If you are still planning your event then please don’t hesitate to speak to our team to see how we can help.

That is all for now folks, we will be back with another update soon!